"The Bohemian Garb"

This will help you polish your impression with the correct garb and equipment in the field.

A photograph of Waud in July 1861 at Matthew Brady's Washington Studio just before or after Bull Run. Suited up for the field, with drawing gear, haversack, bowie knife, revolver, flask and bed roll. Waud was very much a fellow who sleep with the soldiers to get a feel for their experience.
Tools of the trade, many of the artist/reporters were armed too for protection sake a revolver. Pipe, spirits, blanket roll were optional.
The artist gear consisted of drawing pad on left image, round shaped pencils, pencil sharpener this one is made from sandpaper glued to a wood handle. Or you could use your trusty pocket knife. China paper, white or black chalk not pictured. Journal, quill and ink or pencil for reporters.
DON'T FORGET YOUR EDITOR'S PASS, also its a bonus if you have a Pledge of Alliance form with you too. It cuts down on Provost time in issuing you a Provost Marshall Pass. Cause he will make you take the Pledge if you haven't.
Newspaper Cart - Optional and one of a kind to, but would make fine for little newspaer boy for an impression.
Mounted Correspondent - Optional horse to make your impression even more accurate if you can afford.
Reporter's Desk - Ink Well, Pen, Wax Seal and period writing paper.
Editor's Pass Example - Fill in the blanks Don't leave the newspaper office without it Provost Marhsals frown on it.
Heres another example of journal "fabricating", all I did was hand tear my selection of papers to the size I wanted and folded them to fit in the sleeves. I put some cut hard-board into the sleeves to make a firmer drawing surface. The papers I prefer are canson.they are a company that has been making paper for over three hundred years, so if you cant get paper that is an EXACT duplicate best to use stuff from a company like canson. Also google cartridge paper I like to use that as well making it exactly the same as 150 years ago. China white paint you cant get anymore. At least in the us.too much bad stuff in it. So I buy half pans of titanium white watercolour. Below also.
Provost Marshal's Pass or Chit issued to Alfred Waud
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