My image struck by Wendell Decker- Photographer. Tn Campaign Oct. 20044
How it got started with my Special Artist Impression and Bohemian Website

Greetings, my name is Michael Farnsley. I decided to hang up my musket and brogans after 8.5 years pounding the ground,standing picket while all is away, avoiding revielle. To use my creative side and start 2001 as a war correspondent/artist. Being new at the impression I don't have much to say or show right now. So I will say this page is in the "rough sketches" right now, so come back later after I have some campaigns under my belt.
11/03- Well is been awhile and many things have come about in my adventures with the pen and quill. Things seem to be a little slow and uneventful at first few events, did I make the wrong decision in changing to a aluring Bohemian? Till I made the trek to 140th Gettysburg and rendevous with some new friends I had meet electronically on the web, this new contrapsun it fancy and helpful. My new friends I got to know from California and Tennessee where just like I'd know them for years. Mr. Daivs(Torin Finney) and Junius Browne(David Foote) where the gentlemen I pictured in my wondering and aloff mind. We did our pledge of allegiance and pass form the commanding general's sargent, which took up a lot of our time and cloudy our heads while we itched to get to the fray.
10/04 - 140th Battle of Franklin, we meet as five and ended up 10 strong Bohemians, all with the same thing in common, independence, freedom enough to walk the battlefield and experiencing the fight in a panoramic eye, listen to the Commanding Officer orders given out by bugle call, talking with prisoners, listening to pro and con opinions of your impression by soldiers on the field, most are positive, but few feel your a spy or stretch the truth a bit, all really experiencing what the press was seen as in somes eye. Many different reports and drawings from many talented gents on the field. This impression has been very humbling and worth the change.
A Harper's Weekly sketch rendered by Winslow Homer of Waud seated on a barrel, surrounded by curious onlookers as he sketches two six foot seven inch giants of the 1st Maine Regiment. Waud teamed up with Winslow Homer briefly during the Yorktown Campaign.
Cartoon of a special under fire
Tools of the trade, the special artist gear consisted of pencils, china paper, white or black chalk, quill and ink. Many of the artist were armed too for protection sake.
My image struck by Wendell Decker- Photographer- circa: early war
Perryvillle Ky Event 2004
Me and my son Clay Farnsley capturing the Union drive at 2005 Appomattox Event, Michael & Clay Farnsley.Photographer-Jim Davison